Ferropem Laudun

February 2012 – Intervention for Transfo Services at FerroPem Laudun l’Ardoise


Al/Al and Co/Al contacts renovation in a reducing furnace transformator output, 35MW. Significant resistance in the Copper/Aluminium and Aluminium/Aluminium. Connections temperature too high (about 150°C). Destruction of the main power transformer.


Significant drop of the temperature in the transformator’s connections and busbar. Return of normal operating conditions. Connections stability over time. Better repartition of the current through the connections.


Lifetime connections increase. Resistance gain of 95% on the whole connections and energetic gain of ~240 000 kWh/year.


ECOCONTACT® is really easy to use and to implement:
Patrick THIBERT – Electrical Methods and Automatism Manager at Ferropem

“Before setting up the ECOCONTACT® foam, we had to deal with hot spots in our electrical connections. We have tried to solve it with many different ways such as grease on the contacts but without any significant result.

The complexity comes from our connections, which are very difficult to reach. That is why the ease of the implementation and use of the ECOCONTACT® foam have seduced us.

Today, the contacts’ temperature has reduced and we do recommend this product to all the electro-intensive. Ferropem Laudun uses the ECOCONTACT® foam and they are also very pleased with it.”

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