Based on the observation that downtime & maintenance costs for bolted connections in electro-intensive circuits are a major problem for industrials; AMC ETEC has been looking for an ultimate solution.

The main idea was to optimise as much as possible the whole process in order to increase considerably the performances and to reduce the necessity of cleaning contacts.

The very first solution developed by AMC ETEC was the micro-deforming silver sheets, known for their efficiency in copper, but the worldwide market aluminium emergence has convinced our R&D team to create a universal product, also able to process copper and aluminium contacts all around the word. Then has emerged the ECOCONTACT® foam.

Eight years of EDF operating experience, 100% of satisfied customers and several tens of thousands of contacts installed all around the world have definitely validated the success and achievement of the ECOCONTACT® foam.


ECOCONTACT® is a multi-component metal foam developed by AMC ETEC, in partnership with EDF Group’s (French Electricity Distribution Network) for industrial applications and research laboratories.

ECOCONTACT® is a world patented product, certified by ANVAR and labelled by “The pole of competitiveness CAPENERGIES’’

ECOCONTACT ® is tailored to all industrial materials, copper/copper, copper/aluminium, aluminium/aluminium, steel/copper, and is suited for all ranges of voltage and temperature with an average of 80 % conductivity for energy gain.


  • For the traditional maintenance of electrical connections, the shutting down and a total dismantling of the complete installation are necessary in order to practice a resurfacing of the contact areas. It is a complex and expensive operation that can be dangerous.

  • Traditional tools used for the resurfacing of the contact areas degrade the macro geometry, reducing the effective connection’s area. They generate important thermal and electrical stresses. The poor distribution of the current causes their degradation.

  • The number of points of contact being not optimal; the current electrical distribution does not operate homogeneously. And there is a significant loss of energy then.


  • The ECOCONTACT® multiplies the contact points between the two conductors and removes the current concentration areas, leading to a homogeneous distribution of the current across the surface of the contact. Thousands of micro points go through the oxide layers creating, that way, micro welds.

  • The ECOCONTACT® set-up requires no special operation. Cleaning is not necessary in the difficult access areas. Simply open the connection of a few millimetres, drag the interface ECOCONTACT® foam and tighten.

  • With ECOCONTACT®, a significant improvement of the electrical conductance is achieved, especially in case of a used and distorted connection without prior resurfacing.


  • A very reliable product to optimize high intensity electrical facilities.

  • Lower costs thanks to the significant energy loss reduction in the connections.

  • Electrical conductivity improvement of the connection even in extreme usage conditions.

  • High temperature efficiency (up to 200 °C).

  • A complete electrochemical compatibility

  • Lifetime extension of the electrical connections.

  • A quick and easy installation.

  • Reduction of maintenance survey.

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