Connections fixing for EDF/UPM Oraison factory


In 2006, the maintenance control team of GMH Mediterranean had to solve Oraison’s G1 transformators slice bar connections problems. These connections faced important heating (>300°C) and electro-abrasion problems. The bimetal plates that provide the electrochemical isolation between the sets of copper and aluminium bars have been identified as being problematic.


In order to validate this new technical solution, a connection mock-up has been realised and tested in laboratory. The mock-up showed a comparison from a copper/aluminium with a bimetal plate to a copper/aluminium with ECOCONTACT®.


  • Since 2006, the conductive probes recorded on the mockup (every week) pointed out a good stability of the ECOCONTACT® connections over time. The major feedback of our partner EDF U.P Méd.ECM led to a contract with ERDF Méditerranée.
  • During these 3 years, all bolted connections have been treated on Oraison’s transformers and alternators, so that the bi-metallic plates problem was definitely solved.
  • The ECOCONTACT® foam leads to a significant decrease of the contact resistance and of the thermal heating.

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