Risso source post ENEDIS

Source post Risso – Intervention by ERDF, French electricity supply network administrator


Due to high thermographic measures of an 70MVA transformator’s HTA output at the source post Risso, ERDF has assigned AMC ETEC for an ECOCONTACT® setup demonstration.


In order to measure ECOCONTACT®’s performance, a first curative mission has been organised, and only the hottest (140°C) outflow has been treated (about 1 hour intervention). In order to validate the thermal results, a thermography was conducted a week later. Further to a very positive feedback, a second preventive mission was organised to treat the whole HTA output connections.


The B outflow temperatures have been dropped to over 60° and got close to the transformator’s functioning temperature, so that the waterproofing of the outflow, as well as the reliability, the security and the lifetime of the connection are preserved. The electrical resistance of the treated contacts are instantly and sustainably lowered over 80%. The energy gain is over 5000 kWh/year for an HTA output, with a return on investment for ECOCONTACT® less than one year. The fast response has limited the immobilisation of the equipment for a few hours. The ECOCONTACT® installation in all connections leads to a significant decrease and to an equalisation of the output’s resistances, with an energy gain over than 80%, a securing contacts in the long run and a sustainable reliability of the connections. The thermographic measurement realised by ERDF since then has pointed out the excellent behaviour of the treatment in the long run.

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