They trust our product and they tell you why!

Jean-Christophe DELVALLET
Mediterranean Development Director at ERDF
Video presentation made by our EDF group partner.

Sébastien DARNON
Electrical Maintenance Manager at Marama Nui – Subsidiary of EDT ENGIE

Significant contact resistance’s reduction
“Since ECOCONTACT® foam has been placed on all our electrical contacts, end of 2005, we have noticed a huge yield increase and a significant temperature reduction. Prior to ECOCONTACT®, we were faced with significant heating problems on DJs 4000A. The facilities of ECOCONTACT® foam have amazingly reduced the contacts resistance. I truly recommend this product to all power electricians.”
Tél : 00 689 40 5470 54
Site Web : www.edt.pf

Chef de Pôle AMEPS Alpes-Maritimes (Agence de Maintenance & d’Exploitation des Postes Sources)

Traitements définitifs des points chauds & facilité d’usage
Le traitement des « points chauds » étant essentiel pour se prémunir d’incidents qui peuvent être très destructeurs pour nos ouvrages et impacter fortement nos clients, nous avons opté pour ECOCONTACT® dans le cadre de notre maintenance, ce qui évite ainsi les surfaçages, brossages et utilisation de graisses de contact. Ainsi, après plus de 4 années d’installation, nous avons constaté une baisse significative de la résistance des contacts et une stabilisation des températures. Le fait de pouvoir poser ECOCONTACT® sans démontage complet de la connexion permet de réduire considérablement les temps de poses et de fait, l’indisponibilité des ouvrages. Par conséquent, je recommande ECOCONTACT®, tant pour son efficacité qui garantit une amélioration optimale des résistances de contacts, que pour sa facilité d’utilisation et sa rapidité de mise en œuvre.
Site Web : www.enedis.fr

Electrical Methods and Automatism Manager at Ferropem

ECOCONTACT® is really easy to use and to implement:
“Before setting up the ECOCONTACT® foam, we had to deal with hot spots in our electrical connections. We have tried to solve it with many different ways such as grease on the contacts but without any significant result. The complexity comes from our connections, which are very difficult to reach. That is why the ease of the implementation and use of the ECOCONTACT® foam have seduced us. Today, the contacts’ temperature has reduced and we do recommend this product to all the electro-intensive. Ferropem Laudun uses the ECOCONTACT® foam and they are also very pleased with it.”
Tél. +33 4 79 59 68 46
Site Web : www.ferroatlantica.es

Operational & Maintenance Department at Inovyn
A resistance improvement and a temperature drop have been noticed
“In the beginning, we had problems on one electrolysis installation 87kA’ heating. Before using ECOCONTACT® foam, we used to apply some sort of pulp in order to reduce the connections’ resistance on the copper and aluminium transformer. With this technic, we were forced to apply pulp every two months, which was really binding. We have then decided to invest in ECOCONTACT® foam and we are now fully satisfied.”
Website : www.inovyn.com

Henri-Philippe LEPAGE
Production Director CMC Malongo

“As we were facing up a core problem regarding the transformer’s disjunction, which was close to saturation point, we decided to implement ECOCONTACT®.. Since 2013, we have not encounted this type of problem and we have noticed a significant improvment of the connectivity and as a result a loss of power that was less significant. I recommend ECOCONTACT® to all transformers’ users, because it’s better to prevent than cure, especially regarding the cost that does not justify to wait : the initial investment justifies the long term saving on the installation. ”
Website : www.malongo.com