EDF/UPM Siagne factory

Direct current feedback on rotor connections for EDF/UPM at Siagne factory


In 2007, ECM has measured connections resistances between Siagne rotor poles on G1 and G2. The rotor connections measures were wrong and they had to fix it urgently. All of the connections are higher than 10 μΩ, on average 536 μΩ, and the highest reaches 1764 μΩ (160W under 300A nominal).


ECOCONTACT® foam had never been applied on obsolete rotor connections, poor quality, on direct current, submitted to dynamic rotating forces and in an environment contaminated by dust coals. The G1 connections have been cleaned and treated with ECOCONTACT® foam and G2 connections have been only cleaned and tighten.


  • Measures realised one year after, shows that G1 connections are perfects and G2 connections have became poor again (18/08/2008).
  • The 09/10/2008, G2 rotor connections have also been repaired with ECOCONTACT® foam.
  • Since 5 years, measures have proven a good stability of rotor connections.

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