Nice-Côte-D’Azur Airport

Intervention for Nice Airport for ERDF


ERDF, technic and advices expertise actor, has occurred nearby one of its major customers and realised work on site in Nice Côte d’Azur airport. As part of an industrial and commercial partnership with AMC ETEC Company, ERDF has proposed innovative solution ECOCONTACT® to its major customers.


Nice Airport is equipped by 64 transformers HTA/BT whose many have showed important heating signs on electrical contacts. Measures of resistance and tightness of connections BT realised on site by AMC ETEC have shown really variable quality of the connections. Thermography and re-tightness connections are made binding by a necessary disassembly cowlings complicating annual maintenance operations realised at the airport. Temperature connections drift have led to stop the equipment involved putting to risk exploitation of the airport.


Results of the operation are really conclusive because the treatment of all the hot spots by ECOCONTACT® have allowed to reduce instantly connections electrical resistance to 80%.

  • Energy gain of 80% in connections without any cleaning.
  • Reliability and connections stability without any re-tightness over time.
  • Substantial economy for the airport on maintenance costs and over time.

Following this first installation, the customer have made the decision to equip all of the transformers of the airport. 64 transformers have been equipped.

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